The National Health Museum (NHM) is an unprecedented effort to educate and inspire Americans to live healthier lives. NHM will help move our society from simply treating disease to promoting and maintaining health.

NHM will:

  •  affirm our commitment to become a healthier nation

  •  celebrate our nation’s global leadership in health and life sciences

  • explain and showcase our nations assault on disease and disability

  • connect Americans with the goal of creating a healthier world


NHM will entertain, stimulate and motivate. It will create a deeper appreciation for personal health. It will invite future generations of health professionals and scientists to reach beyond existing knowledge and make new discoveries and create new practices. It will help us understand the wonders of the health sciences.


NHM is perfectly timed. The explosion of mass media has created exponentially more public need for credible health information. NHM will play a leading role in the national conversation about shifting from a culture of sickness to a culture of wellness. Atlanta is at the crossroads of global health. It is home to a growing universe of resources tied to health and life science providing NHM with remarkable opportunities for collaboration and support.


One Mission – Two Museums

NHM will build and lead a national health and wellness community with two primary platforms: a global online network and digital information hub called the Cyber Museum, and a high-profile visitor center at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park called the Experience Museum.


Cyber Museum

The NHM Cyber Museum will serve the rapidly expanding audience for online health and life sciences information with multiple channels of digital programming. Users will choose from an array of programs, educational services and mobile information provided through content and distribution partnerships with leading organizations. NHM already operates two successful Cyber Museum programs and has a third in active development:

  • is a leading provider of online biology, life science and health information. It promotes lifelong learning by connecting teachers, students and public users with scientific principles and current health knowledge. The site generates more than a million monthly visits.

  • Health Response Centers are interactive digital systems delivering health and medical content to museums, hospitals, clinics and other high-traffic consumer settings. NHM has two kiosk devices delivering heart health and influenza information and is collaborating with the state of Georgia to build a new model for rural health use.
  • HealthGlobe is a Web-based project focused on international health. Funded with a grant from The Merck Company Foundation, the project is in the first year of a two-year development program.


Experience Museum

The NHM physical museum, to be designed by renowned architect Moshe Safdie, will be a series of self-guided journeys focused on life, health and the human body. Exhibits consisting of multi-dimensional, immersive presentations will be designed by BRC Imagination Arts, one of the world’s top designers of museums and cultural attractions. More than one million annual visitors are projected.